Red Wing Wingers Sportcasters

KCUE Winger Sportscasters Club 60
Red Wing Wingers


Members of the Sportscasters Club have made it possible for KCUE to provide live play by play coverage of high school Winger Sports.  Our commitment to Winger Sports continues to grow each year as a direct result of your membership in the KCUE Sportscasters Club.



Regular Season MEMBERSHIP


As a member of the KCUE Sportscasters Club you’ll receive:


  1. 1 - :60 second announcements in each of the Red Wing Wingers regular season games that we broadcast.  (approximately 60 games will be broadcast this season)

                                8 – Football

                                21 – Hockey (boys & girls)

                                21 – Basketball (boys & girls)

                                10 - Baseball

  1. Listed as a KCUE Sportscaster Club Member on the KCUE Website



Post Season Sponsorship

Contact me or call 651-380-2348 for pricing and details!