As you approach any new advertising campaign, there are several mediums to consider as viable vehicles to spread your message. Bearing in mind the various forms of media to add to your marketing mix, it's important to note the numerous advantages of radio advertising. When done correctly, a direct response radio advertising campaign can yield profitable new customers and incredible ROI. Here is a rundown of the top three advantages of radio advertising.

Cost Effective

Radio advertising delivers a much more budget friendly solution that other forms of advertising. Television and Print ads can cost thousands of dollars to get off the ground. Between getting copywriters, models, video equipment, and studio time, just producing a TV or Print advertisement is extremely expensive. Then when you add in a media buy on TV or circulation in a publication, the cost skyrockets even more. An advantage of radio advertising is that the costs are greatly less than other forms of media. There is still the need for creative, but instead of shelling out for expensive studio time, actors, video equipment, and editing, you can have a high quality, response driving radio spot produced for a fraction of the cost. Radio spots simply require less resources for production. When thinking of media spend, radio rates can be much more attractive than TV rates - yet you're still able to reach the intended target audience. One of the most clear advantages of radio advertising is how cost effective producing and running a radio spot is.

Time Efficient

How long does it take to get a television or print campaign off the ground? How long is the lead time on print ads? News publications and magazines are notorious for their extremely long lead times. If you want to test a print ad, the planning and production needs to occur weeks or, months before the ad actually runs. Television also has long production and lead times as well. It can take months to get a high quality TV on the air, with an affordable, yet successful media plan. Yet radio has an extremely short lead time. Producing a quality radio spot can happen as fast as a few days, and booking a strong media spend is just as fast. This means, you are able to test your message or brand on the radio almost as quickly as you think of it. The quick time frame it takes to execute a radio campaign is certainly one of the many advantages of radio advertising.

Measurable Results

Another great advantage of radio advertising, particularly for direct response advertising is the ability to track results quickly, and accurately. You see, not only does direct response radio track results, down to the market, station, and location, but the results are instant. When you use radio ads that track calls, it is very clear within two weeks if the message is working. In fact, if a spot is doing particularly well or poorly, that fact may be glaringly obvious within the first few days of testing your radio advertising campaign. Along with the fast turnaround time, this means if your spot is on this week and you aren't seeing the results you need, you can have a new spot, testing an entirely new message on before you have time to seriously fret over the negative results. In comparison to TV, which can take months to give you real, measurable results or print ads, which are difficult if not impossible to track, radio provides accurate results quickly and on a daily basis. The accuracy and swiftness of results obtained via direct response techniques may in fact be the most important advantage of radio advertising.